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18 compare folders & compare directories

Program File Sync is one of the best programs in the area of folder compare
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18 folder compare & folder comparison
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17 March 2009

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Program File Sync is one of the best programs in the area of folder compare. To prove that the folder comparison program is the best one let’s consider some arguments.
Firstly, the directory compare tool is very simple program in usage. Don’t trust? Open the program and be convinced! You’ll see that in the program there are no tiresome and difficult menus for which development it is necessary to spend a lot of time. It will take several minutes even for the beginner to master the program.
The folder compare program consists of one window in which there are all basic operations. Conditionally it can be divided into two sub-windows. In the first sub-window of the directory compare program there is the structure of one of compared folders, in the second ïîäîêíå – another folder. The program menu consists of four commands – «File», «Project», «Action», «Help». In each command there is a little sub-commands (from one to five). For example, the command «File» of the folder compare program contains the following sub-commands: «New task», «Open task», «Save task as», «Close task» and «Exit».
Besides surprising simplicity and the convenience of work with the directory compare program, you’ll pleasantly pleased by the functionality of the program. File Sync compares folders and compares directories in a few minutes, thus it is easy and effective to compare folders and compare directories. Having chosen with the help «Browse» necessary folders for the comparative analysis, you can press «Analyze» and receive necessary result: directory compare and folder comparison.
Besides the comparative analysis of directories, by the means of program File Sync you can spend file synchronization. Having chosen the command «Sync» you can carry out the file synchronization in few seconds.

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